Home Learning Standard 3 to 12 September 2020 Time Table.

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Read September Home Learning Circular

Download 1 to 2 Time Table
Download 3 to 5 Time Table
Download 6 to 8 Time Table
Download 9 to 12 Time Table

Every day parents and children make their plans based on the home learning time sheet. Information on which day the lesson will be shown is also available.

Here is the Home Learning Schedule for Std. 3 to 5, Home Learning Schedule for Std. 6th to 8th, Home Learning Schedule for Std. 9th to 12th.

Each teacher friend is requested to send this time sheet to the children in your class. So that all children can take advantage of this home learning video. 

Home Learning Standard 3 to 12 September 2020 Time Table.

Home learning easy a useful project for students for this situation student student can easy to learn at home and education process to continue to learning process in this situation. gcert also provide all all subject material. How to use it home work home learning also teacher are connected and track the situation of material learning teacher can use Microsoft teams and know a process of no progress of of home learning materials this material is useful to student in the situation all subject Gujarati in the Hindi Sanskrit maths science social science and also standard of standard 1 Standard 2 standard 3 standard 4 standard 5 Standard 6 standard 7 Standard 8 also provide all material to standard 9 standard 10 standard 10 standard 11 and standard 12 also including the activities of education student play and learn at home in this situation gcert work very well for student and teachers in this situation this material of home learning is very helpful to teacher and student to connect each other with education purpose.

Home learning is  very important thing during lock down period it is the very important for the student when student it did not go to the school. it is very important important important app for students to study from from home student can study by by themselves without without teacher student can study any subject to anywhere whenever student want to study this material have them

Free for education is we are including all types of videos to helpful and earning to student at home this collection for only for student to reach eat and easily and learn year very well in this post our purpose is is helpful to student in this situation to learn at home easily all subject will use and collection day 2 day here to provide it to student they can easily e use this link and open the videos of all subjects of learning after long time this is this collection is very useful to student to learn at home we provide all type of videos and subject collection from gcert SSA material directors of all videos is is also provided under in footer to use this selection is open source for all the students to use it and learn at home easily Tu all subject type video collection also we provide it crease to video to use check his or her the learning process self learning self quiz are also provided in this post all type of trees are here useful to all the This post power links including to help with student easily to learn at home the situation the student cannot go to the school but here is a here is a digital era material self learning also provided material of all type of taste also we provide it application to easily learn helpful student after long time this material is very useful every time everywhere anywhere anywhere anytime am how to use of this material firstly you learn open this named and they go to the link option we provided day-to-day links all videos are subject wise categories to click on the link and view the video and learn at home after you also connected and a giver quiz of self learning.

Home Learning Schedule for September.

Every month home learning videos are shown to children on the television channel. The Home Learning Schedule for September has been announced as every month.

Educational videos are broadcast daily on Doordarshan DD Girnar channel as well as on Diksha application. Every day a video link as well as a PDF file is sent by the government.

Home Learning Standard 3 to 12 September 2020 Time Table.

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