Today's biasg broadcast issues

Honorable T.S.Joshi sir
Pre-built role
Mr. Taraiya Saheb
- Psychotherapy talked
- To take care of health
- How to make this time of corona virus a quality one for children.
- What kind of care to take as a guardian.
- What kind of mental role are children going through right now through observation.
Honorable Minister of Education
- How the care of a government school differs from that of a private school.
- At this time the performance of the teacher and all the CRC and BRC has been noted from the upper level.
- Performed 80% to 90% of the given literature.
Gujarat is the No.1 in India.
- The talk with the guardians in the video conference on 15th May was encouraging.
- Every teacher talks to his child's guardian by phone.
-Children's morning and evening hours - Try to study the literature given to the child for hours.
- The effort you put in is noted.  E.g.  Kutch teacher's example.  Gave.
- Nothing is lost.
- Taken by a top ranking officer of sampled operations, he noted.
- Thank you for giving me one day's salary.  The Minister himself will talk to the teacher who helps more.
- Paper verification is definitely done.
- Talked about inspiring events.  The prisoners of Surat have provided the proceeds for this purpose.  The daughter of the man gave a 5 / - and other refreshing talk.
- Better to wear a mask than a ventilator.  Better a poor horse than no horse at all.  Better a poor horse than no horse at all.
- Reviews will be taken from the conference later.
- From now on, if this activity is not joined, then the teacher should join.
- This type of Gujarat performance is excellent.
Thank you.

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