School staff 50 % Rotation Circular : Morbi
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As per the notification issued by the Department of Education on 7/9/3, all Government, Granted and Private Schools (Primary, Secondary, UML) of Bharuch district have been declared as Tal. 1/4/6 hrs. By 5/1/15, 50% of the staff of the school will have to ensure that the school attends the rotation system.
1. During this time the head teacher and staff of the school will not have to leave the head quarters and be available for necessary duty.
2. The teacher's attendance sheet will have to be written * at home * with his leave at school * in the teacher's box * present at his house with leave and the teacher * present * at the school will have to sign * with time.
3. Teachers who are allowed to attend their home with leave in online presence will have to show * on duty *.
4. The use of the physical facilities of the school may be available at any time in case of emergency. There will be no deduction for the attendance of the school keys and headquarters.
5. Sanitation will have to come when it comes to the organization.
School staff 50 % Rotation Circular : Morbi

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